Castiglioni, Pes y Cía. S.A.F.I.A.M.I. In 1930 Castiglioni, Pes & Cía. starts working in mining and becomes a pioneer in the production of industrial minerals. Since 1960, it specializes on extraction, production and export of natural sodium bentonite.

Today the company is the South American market's leader in the commerce of its product, DEL LAGO Bentonite.

The goal of Castiglioni, Pes y Cía. is

clients satisfaction through a high quality product that suits their needs and also an efficient service.

The company vision is to enphasize leadership in the foreing market, reinforcing the commitment to quality products and services, and also achieve a greater participation in domestic market.


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Its industrial facilities are located in Cinco Saltos, province of Río Negro, Argentina.

The deposit, property of the company, is nowadays considered one of the most important in Latin America, from which a noble product comparable in quality to Wyoming bentonite, is extracted. It is situated on the margins of Lake Pellegrini and has a surface of 10.000 ha. A reserve of 1.500.000 ton is estimated from de explored area..

The company has a team of 60 people including professionals, technicians and employees.


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The quality and purity of DEL LAGO Bentonite is guaranteed by a modern industrial plant and the strict controls carried out in their laboratories under international norms.

They are applied at the different stages of production of bentonite:

  • Extraction
  • Transport
  • Drying
  • Grinding
  • Packaging
  • Expedition

Also, the exceptional quality of DEL LAGO bentonite can achieve the wide range of technical specifications required by customers.

Development and Research

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At the forefront of mining research, in september of 2010, Castiglioni Pes y Cía., signed a cooperation agreement with the CONICET, the USAM and Alloys SRL. This agreement, called ARPAT, is intended to obtain patagonics nanoclays for its application in polymeric nano composites, remediation of efluents from agricultural activity, mining and electroplating.

Castiglioni Pes y Cía., is the first argentine company in the application of bentonite to nanotechnology.